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Revolutionary project
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The world of CeFi (Centralized Finance) is in decline.
Ethereum ecosystem is a hopeful new world building everything with the ideology of being decentralized, ultra secure and against censorship.

Different clans are actively working to build the foundations.

Lions, Bears, Bulls and Apes are fighting every day for the rise of this new world. A gigantic battle to carry... almost too big...

But a new community is about to join the fight: The FURIOUS ALPHA KONGS.

Aware of the difficulty to build this new world, a tribe of kongs have created a private training room. A GYM CLUB accessible only to the members of their tribes. They are called the Alpha Kongs.

Curious, hardworking, courageous, determined gorillas muscle their brain here every day to create the most powerful and close-knit community in the jungle.

This room has become the rallying point and the symbol of their brand new revolutionary community.

They called this place

Alpha Kong Project

In the Furious Alpha Gym Club we want to help people who believe in NFTs to create applicable use cases based on this technology.

We want to build a space of emulation and mutual support where all the members of the community share their skills and project ideas to impact the NFT ecosystem and facilitate its mass adoption. We are convinced that bringing together passionate, talented and determined people will be more effective than individual initiatives.

Furious Alphas will shape the future.
The GYM club will be the crib of their wildest projects.

Alpha Kongs Specs

Each Furious Alpha collectable is 100% unique and randomly generated from over 180 variations from 8 traits. They include background and body color, clothing type, head, eyes, mouth, ears and neck accessories. Some are rarer than others.

Alphas Kongs are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS.

Roadmap Activations

Pay back our gym yearly subscription.
Alpha Kong Giveaway : 5 ETH go to 10 random card hodlers of the community.
King Kong Giveaway : We will buy the floor with 10 ETH and make the biggest giveaway to the community hodlers.
Opening of the Gym Club (our private online-space) starting with a Community Wallet with 32 ETH to start investing in Alpha NFT & Crypto projects together (profit distribution to the community).
Gym Club : Addition of our training section (Blockchain, NFT, marketing...).
Randomly select 1 hodler for the best vacation ever with the Alpha Kong team somewhere in the world.
Top up of 32 ETH to the community wallet.
Creation of a Merch-store with many limited editions (profit distribution to the community).
Top up of 2x32 ETH to the community wallet.
Development of a new version of each 10 000 NFT Alpha Kong in 3D to use in the metaverse.

Earnings and benefits buying our NFT

10,000 valuable unique Alpha Kongs
Passive income : earn 50% of the Community Wallet profit
Ownership and commercial usage rights given to the hodler over their NFT
Access to our private area : The Gym Club (see more)
Become part of our ambitious family
Gain additional benefits through roadmap activations

The Gym club

The Gym Club is a private online space accessible only to owners of NFT Furious Alpha Kongs.

In this space, we imagine, discuss and vote together for the best ideas, and pool our skills to create future alpha projects :

  • Investment : We will share some exclusive alpha projects and vote together on which ones invest in using the community Wallet.
  • Trainings : We will organize conferences and trainings to help the community to become richer (skills, mindset, money, health…).
  • Passive income : We share ideas and knowledge, and we work on projects to increase our members passive income (e.g. the merch-store).

The Community Wallet

The community wallet is an Etherum Wallet shared with all hodlers of Alpha Kong NFT. Everyone will have access to the public address to see the amount and flows. The main objective of this wallet is to invest in NFTs and Crypto projects voted by the community.

A part of profit will be used to grow our community wealth and value by launching projects. The other part will be used to reward the community.

The first input will take place at the end of the mint period. We will top up the wallet with 128 ETH to start investing.(See the Roadmap)

+ Crypto Input

  • 128 ETH from the Alpha Kong NFT sales
  • 100% profits from investment in Alpha NFT & Crypto projects
  • 60% of royalties earned with the sales on the secondary market
  • 20% of profit from the Merch-Store

- Crypto Output

  • Community Investment into NFT & crypto projects
  • Expenses to develop community projects :  Merch-Store, 3D Kongs, Metaverse
  • Project contests and giveaways
  • 50% of Quarterly profit sent to all NFT holders

Alpha Kong Rarities & Traits

All kongs are equal, in our community but some of them are rarer than others.
Traits are ranked from “Common” to “Mythic” and each rank has a corresponding % chance of being minted.

There are 180 traits classified into one of 5 tiers bellow :

79/180 traits
45/180 traits
27/180 traits
19/180 traits
10/180 traits

Team Members

Kong Beats

Crypto Degen, Come back from the abiss by learning blockchain development and DeFi after being Rekt with all his life saving in 2017. Are you a one or zero ?

Kong Travis

ΞTH Hodler. Marketing lover. Pokémon Trainer.
John Hammond's Son. Wants to get rich to finish Dad's park.

Kong Jacko

Mad Blockchain lover, Moonstruck dev, Unbalanced Crypto investor.
Plato was a bore.

Kong Dadz

NFT & Art Hodler. Design & Branding lover. Chess learner.
Paints as well with his feet as with his hands, like all apes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Furious Alpha Gym Club ?

Furious Alpha Gym Club is a set of 10 000 unique NFT cards, randomly generated on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 NFTs.
Owning an Alpha Kong NFT grants you access to our private community and will provide you many perks.

What are the perks by owning an NFT ?

🤫 Access to the GYM CLUB, a private online space on our website.
💸 Passive income from profit redistribution of our many projects and secondary sales market.
🗣 An active community crypto and NFT oriented

When is the drop ?

The official public sale date will be announce in our discord channel "Announcement" in the coming days.

Who are the founders ?

The FAGC is a real-life friends project. We started working together a few years ago on various projects.
We have complementary skills : Art & design, NFT and crypto, blockchain developper and marketing.
We are now ready to launch a much more impactful project : the FAGC.

What is the price of each kong ?

We will do a fair launch and fair price were each NFT will cost 0,078 ETH.
(Don't forget to add the gas fees that might be between 0,01 and 0,035 ETH depending of the Ethereum blockchain)

How can I get an Alpha Kong ?

You can buy only on our official website.
To get an Alpha, you will need some ETH on and wait for the mint to be open.
If you didn't succeed to get one during the mint, no worries. You will be able to buy one on the secondary market ( or win one by attending one of our giveaways.
Everywhere else will be a scam attempt.
If you have any doubt, refer to our #dont-be-scammed channel on Discord.

Do I have to pay gas fees for the purchase ?

Yes, on Ethereum blockchain fees guarantee the security of the network.The fees are paid to the Ethereum miners and are NOT directly linked to our project or any else NFT project.

How many cards can I buy ?

You will be able to mint 10 NFT (max).

Can I mint on my mobile ?

Unfortunatly no, you will not be able to mint on the your mobile.

I have an issue, what do I do ?

If you have any issue, please go to our discord in the "Report issue" section.

⚠️ Disclaimer : It's important to keep in mind that if you send your ethers to a wrong address, the wrong network or something related to ethereum transaction, nobody will be able to refound you because blockchain is a decentralized technology.

Also never trust someone who just send you a DM. Our team will never DM you first.

How to contact the team members ?

To contact the team members just ping them in the official discord server.
Discord link is on our website, twitter and all other social medias.